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MILLIONS of products to choose from. BUYERS with hundreds of millions of SEARCH QUERIES. Optimize your product images to RANK on the 1st page of AMAZON SEARCH ENGINE.

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Optimize Your Amazon Product Images with The Amz Scout

Want to know how Amazon decides — within a few milliseconds — which one of the hundreds of millions of products it should rank first? Explore the intricacies of Amazon A9 Algorithm and learn what it takes to get your products ranked on the First Page of Amazon. The Amz Scout helps you take advantage of one of the most exclusive elements Amazon uses for its ranking, i.e., PURCHASE LIKELIHOOD! Get in touch to explore Amazon SEO now!

Know Product Photography That Sells

Lift your products higher up in the Amazon Search Engine. Increase your CTR and conversion rate with Product Image Optimization Tips.


Use images with sufficiently high resolution to enable Amazon’s zoom function. Grab a spot on the 1st page with well-lit images having a white background, filling 80% of the frame. Make your main image the driver for clicks to your product and let your customers know exactly what they are getting.


Put your product truly out there by capturing every aspect of Product Photography. Make your customers feel as if they have seen the whole product – not just what you want to show them. Elaborate details, incorporate infographics, and steal the buyers with extra visibility!


Tell a compelling story for your product’s use with lifestyle images. Leverage Lifestyle images to bring your products to life in a human context. Let your customers know what the product will look like when they use it. Establish functionality through images. People buy what fits into their Lifestyle!

“We’ve generated the highest number of demo requests of all time. It was a 20-30% increase.”

Tyler Riddel
VP of Marketing

Optimize Every Part of Your Amazon Listing to Increase Your Bottom-line

Let’s build a strategy that translates to ROI

At The Amz Scout, we continue to find keyword prospects, improve the number of reviews for your product, and optimize headlines, price, and product descriptions. We aim to build a dynamic process for each client and don’t stop until it is a perfect, repeatable funnel that delivers results over and over again!

“The performance-driven Amazon SEO services from The Amz Scout allow your business — and your products — become the choice of shoppers worldwide. Ready to witness what our Amazon Product Image optimization services can do for your business?”

Amazon’s algorithm rewards and boosts listings that best serve shopper needs!

A Picture is worth a 1000 words - When Optimized correctly for Amazon, it can be worth 1000s of dollars too! Shoppers search keywords; seller listings that best match those keywords dominate the first page in order of relevance. Learn how you can significantly improve your rankings by having professional photos in your listing.

  • Customize Images for Optimal Conversion
  • Promote Seasonal Products and Showcase New Items
  • Drive Traffic with Amazon Display Advertising

Discover how businesses have leveraged Expert SEO Services from The Amz Scout to drive exceptional sales!

Creating Brilliant Amazon SEO Services is what we do best!

  • RK
    SEO services from The Amz Scout really worked wonder for our online store!

    The Amz Scout SEO Services gave us a glimpse into what our customers want, which is huge for driving sales. They are a perfect platform to help you figure out what longtail phrases to feature in your ad campaigns, guaranteeing that you are getting your products in front of the right customers.

    - - Ryan Kortan
  • DL
    I'm happy to say that The Amz Scout has played a major role...

    I do believe that The Amz Scout enables an easy way to have your products ranked on the Amazon Search Engine. Amazon Search Engine is very different from conventional search engines, and these guys know what they are doing! My business has grown larger every day since I opted for their services!

    Darren Leigh - AEGIS Management